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New Client Welcome!

1,Please text or email about:

-What are your hair goal?  

-Please provide a picture or video of your current hair and any photo of desired looks as inspiration.

- What issues are you currently having with your hair?

-What kind of coloring or chemical service have you done in the last 2 to 4 years?

-What is your budget for today service?

-What type of maintenance are you comfortable with ? 

-How do you style your hair and how often?

2,  CARD ON FILE to request your appointment by using my online link.

Perparation for your appointment?

For color services, please wash your hair a day before your appointment because when you come in with oily and too dirty hair will effect the final result because too many oil or product residue on the hair will slowdown the processing and lifting when you looking for lighter color result.

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